Budgie Cages

Budgie cages come in all shapes and sizes, and cater for every budget. We have carefully selected a choice of small bird cages from a variety of manufacturers which are all suitable homes for your feathered friends.

To get the most out of your budgie, you need to house it in a cage which will show it off, and provide it with it’s needs. We have written a guide to help you with choosing a budgie cage in case you need it. We have carefully selected Ferplast, Vision, Rainforest and Montana based on their workmanship, detail and build for budgies. Each of the selected cages featured in their section are suitable homes for your budgerigars.

Our favourite cage has to be those made by Vision, as they are designed with the budgie’s welfare in mind, whilst giving their owner a thought too. They have a fair price which should suit most pockets and will make your life as a budgie owner a lot easier.

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