Montana Cages

These Montana Bird Cages make an elegant cage for your budgie, whilst looking great in your home. The Montana Small Bird Cages are available in a choice of either antique or stone and come complete with the stand.

The Montana range are spacious for your birds, and all are suitable for your budgerigar as the space between the bars are narrow, an unusual feature for these larger bird cages. The following ranges are currently available depending on your requirements and budget:

An outstanding cage in which design and detail combine to provide your budgies with top class accomodation. This cage includes 6 feeder bowls, 2 perches and a seed catcher. There is a removable lower litter tray and all feeding bowls are mounted on individual lockable access doors. The whole cage is mounted on castors for ease of movement.

San Remo / Mini San Remo
A Victorian opening top with drop down door & removable stand which is on castors for ease of movement. The San Remo includes 3 feeder bowls and 2 perches and a pull out litter tray for easy cleaning.

San Diego / Mini San Diego
Features lockable front door, internal perch, pull out litter trays and feeder bowls individually mounted on lockable swing out access doors. Cage is detachable and can be used without stand, which are mounted on castor wheels for easy positioning. The San Diego has an opening top with drop down door and includes 3 feeder bowls and 2 perches.

Memphis 1 / 2 / 3
The Memphis range of Montana Bird Cages all include 4 feeder bowls and a perch. The stand is included and is also mounted on castors like it’s counterparts. It is again available in stone and antique colours.

Montana Bird Cages have been made by experts for bird enthusiasts which can be seen by the high standard of build for each of their range. All cages have Avilon coating to aid climbing by your budgies, and all openings are lockable to prevent escapes.

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